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  — “Some of my best thinkin’ comes from hangin’ out with you.”

       That was honesty—Levi’s more brilliant ideas came to
          her when she was along side the other female. She
          gained a sense of adventure, a sense of goofing off
          and little bit of an obscure sense of humor. It wasn’t
          a bad thing—She certainly enjoyed it.

        Lilith’s idea made Levi smile—What a great thought
           there, just going all out on the novelties of Japanese
           and Chinese cuisine and junk food. A brilliant smile
           spread across her lips like a wildfire as she chuckled
           and looked to her partner.

                 “I can so get behind that. ‘Specially the sushi
                  bit. I’ve had a craving for it for a couple days
                  now—Yeah, let’s do that too. Why not? Just
                  make it an all-out awesome kinda deal.”

       Sure, the salt and rice would make her feel sluggish 
         later, but it wouldn’t matter. It’d still be fun, because
         she’d be doing so with a friend, having a blast while
         doing so, and not minding it a damn bit. Friendship
         was great like that. Chuckling, she nudged Lilith
         again, just because.

— “In that case, what are we waiting for?”

         She gave a grin at the other female.
         It was a warm one; rather than her usual
         half cocky smirk/grin she got whenever
         she was up to something. She was eager.
         for once.

           ”Let’s get going so we can get home faster.”

        Those words felt comforting somehow; maybe
         because she had heard them before, and now 
         she was the one speaking them. 

       A different tone to her voice started to 
       appear as well. It was a happy one, one that
       was rarely ever heard. Nudging Levi back,
       Lilith couldn’t help but feel happy.

Okay seriously this isn’t a rick roll this time.

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  — “Of course.”

       That look of sadness didn’t go unnoticed to Levi—
          she did see it, but she chose to let Lilith talk about
          it if she wished to do so. She remembered one of
          their conversations from the past, about attachment
          to people, and wondered if maybe that had a little
          to do with what was making her so… Bashful and

        Levi was content walking along with Lilith—Honestly,
           it put a little bit of light into her day, which was a
           very much needed thing. Her closeness to Death
           didn’t bother her much, and honestly, she was
           content with it. Lilith meant a lot to her.

                 “I agree. They’re one of my favorite sweet
                  little things in the world. Tied with Pocky, 

       She looked over at the other female, a gentle smile 
         on her face. A chuckle escaped her as she looked
         away for a moment, and then back to her. Biting
         her lip, she let out a happy hum and nudged the
         other girl gently.

                 “We should look for Pocky while we’re out,
                  too. It’s been a while since I’ve had it.”

— “I like your thinkin’.”
            She chuckled, gently nudging the 
            woman back. She was being a bit
            playful; sure, but it felt good to play
            and laugh with somebody again.
            Raising her eyebrows, and wiggling
            them a bit, Death got an idea.

                   ”Maybe see if they got Ramune soda
                     and sushi, too. Y’know, because
                    Japanese and Chinese food always
                    are two things I never got tired of.”

           She never really did; less it was in overly
           excessive amounts. She could eat a truckload
            if she wanted to. Just one of the joys of not
            being able to get sick from eating raw fish. 

                     ”Oh man; we’re gonna be so stuffed,
                       we’re not going to want to move from
                      the couch when we’re done.”


I hate that I take so long to reply. Like, everything distracts me. I can be in the middle of replying and look at my wall like. “Damn.. what kind of white is this? Is this a pale white? Off brand white?”



  — Even if Lilith had been afraid, she’d still made the
          decision to hold on, and that put a smile on Levi’s
          face. Gently, she patted Lilith’s hand with her other
          and smiled. If she got nervous about the action and
          needed to let go? Well, Levi would understand. It
          was a big step, physical ‘affections’ of sorts, and 
          extending an arm or holding hands was one of
          those things.

                 “Oh, probably. It’s like fried dumplings or
                  fried wontons. Those are something I 
                  could eat a lot of, if my body wouldn’t
                  hate me for it later.”

       She laughed now, looking over at the other female, 
         a sense of calmness and wonder washing over
         her. Sometimes, Levi wondered what went on in
         her head—What she thought, how she felt, what
         she wanted and needed. They were curious little
         thoughts of the huntress—Maybe someday, she
         would know for sure.

                 “It’s alright—If it gets too awkward for you, I
                  won’t get upset if you have to let go. I just
                  want you to be comfortable, okay? So no
                  pressure or anything. Do what feels right
                  for you—And you don’t need to apologize.
                  You’re fine.”

       It was true—Lilith was absolutely fine. There was
         nothing embarrassing or awkward about the way
         their hands were laced, or the touch itself.


— “….

          Lilith got a small look of sadness on her
          face, though she quickly seemed to get
          over it. Memories flooded back, and yet,
          for Levi’s sake, she didn’t show it.

          It was time for her to move on, anyways.
         Maybe Death wasn’t all that’s what was
         cut out for her; she honestly couldn’t give
         more or less of a fuck. So she had gotten
         herself attached to a mortal once again.
         … Maybe there were ways around that.

                 ”Chinese donuts are amazing.
                  Even if they’re just basically
                  deep fried biscuits with syrup
                 and sugar piled on top of ‘em.”

         She chuckled lightly at her description.

                   ”It’s like Pocky. Minus the chocolate.
                    They’re incredibly sticky, though.”

          Was it wrong to admit she felt.. at ease
           like this? Being together with Levi;
          it sort of made her happy again. Which
          was a good thing anyways- she actually
          couldn’t remember what had made her
          that happy before.


                               ”Step up your
                                                   G A M E ,
                                   mother fuckers ! “

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Did you miss the announcement? Hellsing Ultimate is coming to Toonami September 13th at 3a!! All 10 Hour-long OVA’s. We wont edit for time, and if any content edits are required they will be to the TV-MA standard. This does bring Naruto’s run on Toonami to an end. Sadly, there’s only so much time in a night. We will continue Shippuden on schedule. 

Things My Muse Doesn't Want To Hear ||Starter Sentences||
"I cheated on you.."
"Your (insert relation here) died last night/this morning/this afternoon at (insert time here)."
"I've found someone else, and I'm not sorry that I did, either."
"The baby didn't make it."
"You're a fucking monster, and I don't want anything to do with you."
"I slept with my ex last night."
"He/She asked me to marry him/her, and... and I said 'yes'."
"I don't want to see you again."
"The baby's not yours.."
"I'm sorry, but we shouldn't be together anymore.."
"My parents found out about us, and they said that I'd better break up with you, so I'm sorry, but we're over now."
"I have cancer.. and I've been given only 3 weeks left.."
"We've been robbed!"